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  1. Kathleen Hancock
    Kathleen Hancock
    It's a iPad mini 4
  2. Kathleen Hancock
    Kathleen Hancock
    Please help anyone I cannot play at all it was ok.
  3. Kathleen Hancock
    Kathleen Hancock TFsteve
    I have even deleted it but I still cannot
    I tried to send an email to support from my phone but no answer
  4. Kathleen Hancock
    Kathleen Hancock TFsteve
    Please could you help I haven't been able to load my game for a long while
    I tried to pay some money which was deducted from my bank account
    The game closed down
    When I tried to load it and I couldn't
  5. Magistra Nancy
    Magistra Nancy
    I'm looking for some friends to play Touchfish.
  6. FuzzysPapi
    Thank you for the like!
  7. Chane
    Hi Outstandin1. Which device you are trying to run TouchFish on? Send me the device model number found in settings/general/model. Thanks.
  8. Outstanding1
    Outstanding1 Chane
    My app won't oppen
  9. LtRoyalShrimp
  10. TFmike
    blazing saddles