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    OxyContin OC 10mg online, you must know that the drug is an opioid pain medication prescribed as a painkiller. This means that a person takes the prescribed OxyContin OC dosage to treat moderate to severe pain, and cough in some cases. When people buy the drug, it is also taken to for post-surgery recovery or broken bones. The drug is usually prescribed to be taken by mouth and only when the pain a person is experiencing refuses to go away for a long time. However, those who wish to feel the effects of the drug time and again tend to misuse and abuse its intake and this leads to the occurrence of side effects.

    Just as we told you that OxyContin OC 10mg is very much in demand because people buy OxyContin 10mg online, we would also like to tell you that the side effects of the drug are almost as same as that of other drugs prescribed to treat diseases. Let us list the side effects of the OxyContin OC dosage for you before you decide to buy the drug:- Constipation Dizziness Drowsiness Mouth starts drying repeatedly Headache Lethargy Tightening of chest In case you’re still planning to buy OxyContin OC 10mg online, you should be careful before starting its intake or while continuing to take it.

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    Adderall is a prescription medication for the treatment of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a combination medication containing four salts of amphetamine.

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