How Bariatric Surgery Can Cure Sleep Disorders

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    How Bariatric Surgery Can Cure Sleep Disorders?

    Obesity is also known as the increase in weight. In medical terms, it refers to the ratio of height is to weight. People with more than 30 Body Mass Index (BMI) are known as obese. Many people reduce their weight naturally, while some opt for surgical treatments. Bariatric surgery is a surgery to reduce weight. Bariatric surgeon performs bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is undertaken when the patient is unable to reduce weight naturally.

    Sleep Apnea: This obesity is a magnet for many other diseases. Some of them are – diabetes and high blood pressure. But one of the most common is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder. Sleep apnea is a chronic condition when breathing stops. It happens many times at night. The condition lasts long about 10 seconds. People are unaware of this condition. The main symptom is that they snore. People suffering from Sleep Apnea feels drowsiness in day times, irritability and impaired mental condition.

    Cause of Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea is caused by the collapsing of the throat and thus blocking airways. It is mainly found in obese people. This will let you snore, without awakening you. Also, people suffering from acid reflux can also suffer from sleep apnea. Obesity increases the risk of sleep apnea from 20 to 40 percent. This is because the greater amount of fats are pressing on the chest and lungs. Because of obesity results in narrowing down of the throat, hence snoring and sleep apnea comes into the picture.

    Bariatric Surgery and Sleep Apnea: According to bariatric surgeons, bariatric surgery is an effective way to reduce weight and thereby its comorbidities like sleep apnea. According to research among 13,900 patients shows that 75% of people with bariatric surgery have improved their condition of sleep apnea. Some of the facts of sleep apnea related to bariatric surgery are-
    • People who have reduced about 10 percent of weight can actually reduce the condition of sleep apnea by 26 percent.
    • Individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery can feel the change in their sleep disorders after six weeks.
    • Because of the less calorie intake after bariatric surgery, it will reduce the fat from the throat and thus be reducing sleep apnea.
    • The other method is to reduce excess weight from the throat side.
    • Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is a common bariatric surgery procedure. It is also very effective in improving sleep apnea.
    • Bariatric surgery ineffective and short-term treatment of sleep apnea. Always remember that people with sleep apnea will have a higher risk of bariatric surgery. It is better to tell the doctor beforehand about sleep apnea.

    Other ways to cure Sleep Apnea: Apart from bariatric surgery from the bariatric surgeon, one can also opt for other methods like-
    • First one is CPAP. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. A CPAP nasal mask covers your nose and keeps your throat open. Therefore, keeping you comfortable while you sleep.
    • The dentist can also prove helpful in this condition. An oral device fitted by the dentist can also help you cure the condition of sleep apnea.
    • Sometimes, along with Bariatric surgery, a need will be there to use a nasal mask and oral device as well.
    Although these are the alternative measures, they may not act as a cure to this condition. However, bariatric surgery is a 100 percent guarantee solution to sleep apnea. Not only sleep apnea, but a bariatric surgery may help you in hypertension and diabetes as well.
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