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    In TouchFish we give you the option to easily take screenshots and video, and share them with others. This post will explain how to take a screenshot in-game and post it in our forums or on Facebook, or send it to your friends and family.

    First launch the game and go into the market by tapping on Stewart the starfish. Next find the Photo category and you will see a list of market items for photos. You can select Normal, Black & White, and Sepia. The last two provide filters for your photos.


    Once you've selected a photo style and purchased it, you will see a white circle on the right hand side of your screen; this is the photo button.


    Tapping this button will take a screenshot and save it to your device's camera roll. Note: you will have to give TouchFish permission to access the camera roll on your device.


    Once you have taken an image, it will show up as a tiny thumbnail under the camera button. Tapping on this will take you to the My Photos & Videos page in the Journal. Here you can browse your media and share it with others, or delete images and videos.


    If you tap on the little circle in the corner of an image this selects it, allowing you to select multiple images to share with others.

    Tapping on the green mail button brings up your share options. If you are connected to Facebook or Twitter, you will have options to post to those networks as well.

    Select one of the options and send your media out.

    You can also do this by tapping on a single image and tapping the green mail button.


    These images are stored in your device's camera roll, so can view the photos or videos you have taken even when not playing TouchFish. You can find them in the Photos app on your device.

    Posting an image to the forum:

    To post an image to the form, simply browse to our forum on your devices web browser and log into your account. Go to the Photos forum section and create a new post; at the bottom you will see "Upload a File." Tap this button and then choose the media from your device that you want to insert into your new post.
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