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    Twenty-first century, with the people's living standard continues to improve, and Shenzhen plastic mold manufacturing and the development of township enterprises, mainly produces simple plastic wheel plastic electronic lighter and lighter, the initial formation of more domestic scale production base of plastic lighters .
    With Sincere Tech Plastic Mold Maker the continuous development of enterprise scale and fierce competition in the domestic market, lighters, Sincere Tech Plastic Mold Maker product sales development from domestic sales to export sales, making Sincere Tech Plastic Mold has become the importer of foreign plastic mold manufacturing base, Foreign manufacturers of plastic mold growing concern competitors. In this process, Sincere Tech Plastic Mold foreign plastic mold having a variety of manufacturers to set anti-dumping and technical barriers to Sincere Tech represented Sincere Tech Plastic Mold industry has conducted some legitimate and reasonable respondent.
    Sincere Tech Plastic Mold course of development of the industry has gone through several stages:
    Phase I: hard work laying the foundation (the twentieth century to the mid-eighties the mid twentieth century)
    This stage, Sincere Tech Plastic Mold Industry in the development stage, the plastic wheel lighter products mainly market to the domestic market, more of the lighter parts of the supporting production.
    The second stage: scale development (until the mid-twentieth century, the beginning of the eleventh century), this stage, Sincere Tech Plastic Mold lay the foundation for industry, market and product has changed a lot. Products from the plastic wheel drive shift to plastic electronic lighter, the market has changed from the domestic market to international markets. It is because of these changes, Sincere Tech Plastic Mold industry has been greatly developed, becoming the country's largest production base of Plastic Mould Making.
    The third stage: one of the world record high (since the beginning of the twenty-first century), Sincere Tech Plastic Mold After the scale of development, on the plastic mold manufacturers abroad had an impact, so that they continue to set the various trade barriers, restrictions and prevent China from plastic mold, in particular Sincere Tech Plastic Mold industry. Sincere Tech Plastic Mold industry has gone through two South Korean anti-dumping station, one stop EU anti-dumping, have achieved good results. Visit this website==>>

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