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    Permit for OSRS gold activating IP region lock. . Allow me to tie multiple participant accounts to one OSRS account also and protected that just like a mofo.

    Everyone cares about this but I do not think anybody realizes this is not a bot thing, it is literally part of this match. Click on your public chat tab for the choices, the main is literally"Set up your Autochat" You merely find other players' Autochat messages if your own chat is also set to Autochat. It's only really used at the Duel Arena because you essentially have to opt-in to see it.

    Spam bots do not use that, they use external autotyping apps so that they can decide on a script of multiple messages, and so everyone else can actually see exactly what they're saying.

    I'm optimistic but not holding my breath, even if Jagex had some interest in enhancing this match they would've spent in it quite a while ago. The OSRS mod group is really modest in comparison to RS2 period to be in a position to perform all these things efficiently so that I don't really blame them.

    You'd me with Buy Runescape gold this proposal until you began with the xenophobic opinions against third world nations. I think it's somewhat ridiculous how you are prioritizing your gameplay over other people's lifestyles.

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