RS3 essentially has a direct option

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    It is about if a player feels like they have no option but to buy gold and just depends on how educated the participant is. As I haven't played RS3 because EOC I can only remark on OSRS along with my main comment is that there's so much low level content that can not be progressed by simply paying for RS gold or buying exp lamps such as in RS3 you have to spend time doing low level quests and abilities that does not require any high end gear.

    When I hear"cover to acquire", the first bit of thing I think about is that the effort put in to get exactly what you want. OSRS is yes but you still must set the time in to do the training. RS3 on the other hand, you can purchase the XP, put up to it or you do not need to touch the ability and you'll purchase material so or as you have BXP. You can get your level fast putting time grinding the ability. RS3 essentially has a direct option. Better to call it"cover to progress" because its far faster to get to endgame levels in RS3.I am considering starting RuneScape here soon and wondering which you can pick up. I'm sure people will have strong opinions one way or the other, just need to see which game the community performs with more. I have played runescape earlier when I was younger so I've dabbled in OSRS, however I'm interested in Runescape 3. Thank you!

    I prefer RS3 since imo, it is just a better game in every way for the day and age. Osrs has been RuneScape stuck in 2007 (as it was designed to be) and it was really only created for nostalgia (and imo is exactly what it is ideal for), but its own developed so much it is not even that nostalgic anymore. Additionally, it is worth noting that players that are normally osrs despise RS3 and its playerbase. RS3 players somewhat feel equally, but imo not has severely and (at least in my case) is simply because they hate us essentially just for choosing to play another game.

    It is similar to the way Apex players despise fortnite players (and I suppose fortnite players, feel the same, idk) just because they choose to play another game in precisely the exact same genre and generalize all the players of this specific game. So I would not listen to osrs players view of RS3 or vice versa. Unless they also have contributed both a chance and played. As for me, I have played and I prefer RS3. It's more modern and imo more challenging in terms of pvm. But I'm also a 13 year veteran (off and on ) that almost maxed and doesnt want to have to retrain every skill to 99 and do every quest, especially since I got almost all of my 99s in the age of rs2, and that is what osrs relies on, so pvm is actually the content I'm most curious about winrsgold.

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