Rug Gripper Set for All Carpets

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    Rug Gripper Set for All Carpets

    Travel Paws Hammock Car Seat Protector offers the protection you need with the comfort your pets want. With a waterproof shell any liquids will be contained in the Hammock Car Seat Protector keeping you car clean and not staining the Hammock Car Seat Protector. Front Zipper for easy access to your pets in the back seat if needed. Two holes in the place of the belt buckles in order to keep your pet safe or other uses. Pet Hammock Car Seat Protector is suspended between the seats using 4 straps which hang around the 4 headrests (2 front and 2 back). Can also be used as a basic seat protector if just suspended using the back headrests for use with kids.

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