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Discussion in 'Bugs and Problems' started by Vitamin G, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Starting a few nights ago, I began seeing a box pop up occassionally, telling me that the game on the iPad and the online game are different and it then asks me to choose which game to use. I choose the online game and it asks me if i am sure. Every time i switch tanks or feed, I got this pop up. It makes game play very difficult.
    I am using an iPad 3 (retina) with ios 8.3.
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    Hi. Thanks for the question. Please delete the game from your device and reinstall it. If the window pops up again load the online state. The window should not pop up anymore from this point on. Let me know how helpful these tips are. Also in your reply message include your Game Center ID so I can take a look at your game account and closely investigate the issue. You can send your Game Center ID to this email if you are not willing to publish it here: [email protected]
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