Then they take this wow classic gold

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    Then they take this wow classic gold after bricking the market and market it back as actual money.

    Lets cut the bullshit and take these"ban waves" are doing nothing and theres thousands and thousands of gold sitting around on arbitrary level 1 waiting to be purchased by suckers so they can then give the gold right back to the bots by purchasing the things they literally bot farm.

    A bot below the ground in silithus caves taking a rich thorium vein right next to us. Take a look at the title plate underground.

    Remember when they said that the reason they're porting it to the retail customer is they have much better anti-cheat set up on the newer client. Best kek blizzard.

    Woulda believed they could in the buy classic wow gold least make it so level 3s can't mine stuff that needs more ability than can get at the level. Clearly that is a clientside test rather than a serverside one and also the botters are exploiting that.

    But clearly whatever it is that checks you've got the correct mining skill is clientside - rather than confirmed by the server.

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