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    Adderall – Myths and Facts

    The number of people using Adderall for recreational purposes is skyrocketing. Not many people understand the risk and effects of this drug. People often confuse myths with facts contributing to the problem of drug abuse. Here you can find the myths and facts about Adderall to understand this medicine better.
    Common Myths That People Believe
    It is a medicine, so it must be safe
    Many people think that just because Adderall is a prescription medication, it is safe for everyone. This medicine can cause some severe side effects, including insomnia, hallucinations, headaches, seizures, and nausea. Doctors recommend this drug to people with ADHD because the benefits of this medicine outweigh the possible side effects. Taking a pill from someone you know to help prepare for the exam is dangerous.
    It makes people smarter
    People with ADHD use this medicine to control their focus and attention. It helps them by raising the levels of awareness regulating neurotransmitters in their brain. People assume that because they don’t have ADHD, Adderall can give them a superhuman attention span. Studies conducted on Adderall use by people without ADHD show that while they might think that their ability to concentrate increases after taking medicine, it is only a placebo. The way Adderall works might make you believe that you are feeling its effects while, in reality, it is not boosting your performance or productivity.
    It is just an energizer, like coffee
    People think that because so many people they know are using this medicine to feel energetic, it is comparable to substances like coffee. The truth is, unlike coffee, this drug is a Schedule II controlled substance. The Drug Enforcement Agency believes that there is a high risk of Adderall’s abuse that can develop an addiction. Being a legally controlled substance means that it is illegal to use this drug without a prescription.
    Everyone has some degree of ADHD
    Many people experience problems with concentration from time to time. But ADHD is not a condition where a person lacks attention. It is a neuropsychiatric disorder that also affects other aspects of a person’s life. It is not a good idea to diagnose yourself with ADHD. If you are experiencing ADHD symptoms, visit a doctor to ensure that you are not having any other difficulties like anxiety or learning disabilities. Claiming that everyone has ADHD might hurt the people who suffer from this disorder, and can also add to the stigma that it is not a real medical condition.
    Adderall is excellent for losing weight
    Adderall can have the side effect of decreasing the appetite, which might make a person lose weight. Adderall is not an FDA approved weight loss medication because it is not healthy. If you use it for suppressing your hunger, you might end up with an eating disorder.
    Facts About Adderall
    Adderall is addictive
    It contains amphetamine, a substance that is highly addictive. When you take this drug, it increases the level of dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for providing the feel-good effect after you do something you enjoy. Usually, activities like listening to music and doing exercise trigger the release of dopamine. The rush of dopamine is pleasurable to the brain as it causes feelings of happiness and euphoria, but these feeling doesn’t last long. Taking a drug like Adderall makes the brain rely on an excess of dopamine. Without assistance, the mind will not be able to produce enough dopamine to satisfy itself, so it craves the drug and develop an addiction.
    College and school students abuse it
    The misconception among the students is that Adderall can increase their capacity to learn and concentrate. While this is true for the people with ADHD, those who don’t have ADHD did not benefit from Adderall. While it has a reputation as a college study drug, but even the high school-aged students are also abusing it. 1 in 13 high school seniors uses this drug at least once. By the time children reach the senior year of college, one-third have used the drug, and of that one-third, almost 17% are using Adderall to get high and not for the study benefits.
    It can cause long-term health problems
    When a person with ADHD uses Adderall, the doctor checks on their physical and psychological state. Under a healthcare professional’s supervision, the chances of developing severe illnesses are negligible. Long term use of Adderall without guidance from a doctor might result in the following health conditions:
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