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    I really don't have much expertise at Barrows, which means you will likely want someone else to inform you on the next: Purchase: The generally accepted order of murdering the Barrows brothers is: Dharok, Karil, Ahrim, Verac, Torag, Guthan. You will NEED to RS gold plead against Dharok, Karil, and likely Ahrim. You may also choose to pray against another three. All the Best.

    43 Prayer is a must but 70 is useful for Piety. There are 2 main ways of barrowing - Slayer Dart, and Dark Salamander. Black sallies need 70 in robes, magical, and assault. Their ammunition is Harralander Tar and it's very effective, but can be quite costly based upon your magical level. Slayer dart requires 55 slayer, and it is mainly used because when you loot the chest, you get a higher prospect of obtaining the runes for slayer dart ( 1 death rune/4 mind runes per throw.)

    Use your magical attack. Karil: if you've got leftover prayer, then utilize shield from missiles (Piety also helps a good deal in this scenario). Switch to your melee weapon to kill him. Ahrim: if you have leftover prayer, then use shield from magic. Equip D'Hide, along with a crossbow or the shameful sally ranged style. Verac: if you've got leftover prayer, use it on protect from melee. Drink a Super Defence potion before searching the sarcophagus. Take advantage of your mage style in good melee defence gear (Rune+). Guthan: use your mage style in melee armour. Torag: utilize your mage design in melee armour.

    A fantastic alternative is to utilize Sacred Clay armour (with no SC weapon), which can be obtained in the Minigame Stealing Creation, as a reward for a few SC points. This armour can morph into 3 sets: Ranged armour (equivalent to Green D'hide, therefore it is not really great for mage defence bonus against Ahrim, however, it's very practical and can free more devise spaces for more meals, so well worth it in my view ) Melee armour (equal to Rune armour. Mage armour (equivalent to Mystic robes. You may use this to become more efficient with your slaying of buy rs gold paypal Dharok, as you will not be getting hit because you'll have protect from melee strikes on.)

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