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    TouchFish is a relaxation game, where you can just chill out, admire your tank, and play with your BuddyFish at your own pace. Still, it has an economy and another fun way to play is to see how much of that sweet TouchSilver you can earn. Raking in the dough allows you to build up some spectacular tanks and to work through our carefully crafted story missions. Here we will go through all the ways you can keep your economy rolling smoothly.

    1) Ranch those fish!

    TouchFish has a wide variety of fish to fill your aquarium with life, but these fish also play specific roles in your economy. Some fish take longer to mature than others, and some fish are better for earning XP. If you want some quick cash, the humble Bar Goby is a lightning earner. It doesn't provide any XP, though, so if you want to earn slightly slower TouchSilver, but get some nice XP, go for the Red Goldfish. When you're done playing for a while, consider when you think you'll be back to check on your fish. There are fish that mature in a few hours, or longer for overnight ranching (make those fish work for you while you sleep!).


    For the most powerful economy, you'll want to sell your fish as soon as they mature, but don't worry if you miss that - every fish will stay mature for at least an hour, and fish with longer maturation times will stay mature for as long as they took to become mature. So for instance, you could feed some Purple Firefish before going to bed, and while those fish will mature in 5 hours, they will remain mature for another 5 hours, giving you plenty of time to harvest them.

    A handy way to boost your ranching economy is to purchase a Horizontal Tank Expansion as early as possible. Each time you expand your tank, it can hold more fish, which means your ranching will bring in more TouchSilver and XP. You can also purchase additional tanks to super-boost your ranching economy. Ranch fish in as many tanks as you can!


    2) Nurture your BuddyFish

    BuddyFish love to play, and they always appreciate affection. Make sure to use up your Buddy's Stamina by having him/her perform tricks. Keeping your Buddy happy pays out TouchSilver as well - you can fill the happiness meter through Petting, Swirling, Poke Play, or entering emotion mode by getting close to the camera, and then smiling at your Buddy.


    If you keep your Buddy well fed, eventually he or she will have a Buddy Birthday. You'll know when you see a cake above the Buddy's head:


    Tap on the cake to initiate the birthday. When the balloons appear onscreen, pop as many as you can and don't forget to tap the rewards to build your Bonus Meter!


    3) Work the Bonus Meter

    The Bonus Meter appears whenever it's time to collect Floaty Rewards. Many actions create Floaty Rewards, including selling fish, doing tricks, and selling items. Tap rewards before the meter disappears to increase your bonus payout - the higher the multiplier, the more TouchSilver you'll get. There's also a neat trick calling Lassoing. You can tap and drag Stewart the Starfish down from the Bonus Meter, and then if you draw a circle around rewards, it gives an even bigger bonus!


    The catch is that using a Lasso will then immediately cancel the Bonus Meter. So if you want the really big payday, be sure to tap rewards to keep the meter growing, and then when you think no more rewards are going to appear, Lasso the last ones!

    4) Play Minigames

    Stewart Says and Bumper Fish are not only fun little additions to the relaxation of building an aquarium, they also pay out hefty rewards. You start with 5 Plays, and Plays regenerate every 30 minutes. So you can play quite a few games during a day. Better scores give better rewards, and you can go back and replay levels with no penalty to the reward payouts. Higher levels are more challenging, but give greater rewards.

    5) Be social

    Don't be shy about inviting other players. Swipe the left side of the screen to cycle through Sidebars until you encounter the Social Sidebar, which looks like this:


    Tap on the bottom icon to open the Social Menu. Here you can find and interact with all kinds of Friends. If you are connected to Game Center or Facebook, you can see those Friends and invite them to be TouchFriends. You can also meet new people through Encounters. If you have iBeacon enabled and allowed TouchFish to access your location, it's like taking your BuddyFish for a walk! Any time your device comes near another device with TouchFish, that person becomes an Encounter. People near you on the Minigame leaderboards will also appear in Encounters, as will Twitch broadcasters.


    So once you've invited people and they accept your requests, they become TouchFriends. This means that when you visit their tanks, you can feed their fish. Feeding TouchFriends' fish pays out immediate rewards, with no ranching needed!

    Don't forget to send and request Gifts as well. Gifts are free to send, so you don't need any in your inventory and you don't lose anything by sending!


    Special social gifts include Minigame Plays, Vitali Fish for speeding up fish maturation, and Buddy Power for restoring Buddy Stamina. As you can see, all of these gifts can be used to boost your economy.

    6) In a pinch, clean house

    If you get tired of a decoration, or just really can't wait to explore the Story missions, don't forget you can sell anything in your tank. You can even sell the gravel, glue lines, background, and light by entering the Market and then going to the My Stuff category. Everything you own can be sold there, even tanks!


    These are the main "pillars" of the TouchFish economy. Smart play and wise decisions will increase your income, giving you more spending power to build the aquarium of your mind's eye, so happy ranching, and get creative!
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