TouchFish launches on Apple TV!

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    TouchFactor is proud to announce the release of TouchFish on the New Apple TV today! Now you can experience the aquarium building, BuddyFish play, and adventures with Stewart the starfish on your big screen TV from the comfort of your couch.


    TouchFish is a relaxing aquarium building experience, a virtual pet game, and a social play space, all in one! Choose from a vast selection of decorations to design an aquarium bound by no limits. Adopt and raise a BuddyFish, teaching it tricks and watching it grow. Bring your BuddyFish on exciting minigames and join Stewart the starfish as he guides you on missions to build story-based underwater dioramas.

    TouchFish takes advantage of the new Siri Remote to bring you a smooth and intuitive way to build, explore, and play. Use the Touch surface to easily move objects around your aquarium to create worlds that reflect your own unique taste, or to interact with your BuddyFish in a way as personal as on the iPad or iPhone.

    Available now on the New Apple TV.
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